Sunday, November 05, 2006

my circle of friends

after finishing my form 5, i stepped into college life...

during that period... i have 3 different group of friends...

1st The ones whom i'm close with during secondary school days
- CheeHwa, Andy, Chin Kent, HanSeng, YokeMay, Melissa, YuetMun, WeiRu

we will plan and go out once in a while, mostly "YamCha" sessions, and its really hard to get everyone to attend at the same time, most of the reasons of those who didnt attend is quite unreasonable (to me)... our "whole family" fellowshipping sessions is like once in a blue moon and yet not everyone can attend.. and i really think its a crap, no offence, i know ya ya, different people got different thoughts, got different things to take into consideration, got homework/ got exams / got bf_gf to teman etc.. but anyway, its nice knowing this bunch of people, VERY NICE!!

2nd The ones whom i mix with in college
- PengYee, HoongWai, BoonPean, KokHao, ChinYen, YewJoe, Gensy, LinTa, GuangHao

they are a bunch of whackos, college life is much more interesting because of them, what they know most is "blow water" which happen to be what i know most also ^^ always have last minute planning going to places such as "Early Morning Klang BakKutTeh Session + ponteng class" and "trip to JB + ponteng class" etc although we finished our diploma already, but we still go out together very often =p

pictures - click here
3rd The ones whom i play basketball with
== > YewWeng, ShiongWai, Steven, ChanFung, ShuJian, VozXx

these few months i mix with this gang of people most, always play basketball together, every week sure got go out for "YamCha" sessions and chat about everything... will go out for movies once in a while

the names which i mention above is the ones i'm mixing with most of the time in the last 3 years, friends come and go... some who used to be close to you will be stranger to you, you will meet new ones...

the 1st group of friends i mention above i hardly see them anymore because everybody is busy with their own stuffs

the 2nd group of friends, although i dont really see them so often anymore due to our completion of our diploma course, but we still chat quite often online and play "DOTA" always

the 3rd group of friends, i mix with them the most recently, every week sure got 2-3 days will meet up with them, be it either playing basketball, going out for movies, or just go to a nearby mamak and "YamCha"

although most of the times i mix with the people i mention above, but i hardly share everything with them...

and back then, when i'm still in secondary school...

i used to have 2 close person whom i will share everything with them, and i mean like every single thing...

wendy ter and tiffanie tan

but because of some reasons, the distance between me and these two person grew further... later on..

people like joan-lynn came along, but since she seldom online already, we kinda lost contact then

and early this year, i get to know 2 more person whom i take them as close friends

Zoe and Pek San

to find a friend who can click with you is hard, to find a friend who can click with you and at the same time you can share anything with that person is harder...

as what i've said above, friends come and go... so i really appreciate them very much... if can, i really hope i can be very very close friends with all of them forever...

not like close for a period of time and then become stranger after that,

which is.. of course impossible...

well, at this time,

i think i should stop dreaming and go to sleep... ha... lolx...

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