Tuesday, September 01, 2009

200 People, 7 Monorail Trains. MERDEKA TRAIN PARTY!

Its all about Malaysia. 3 main parties, one wicked idea and here comes a colorful day filled with sweats plus lots of walking. It was the Merdeka Train Party that i was talking about. On the 31st of August 2009, a bunch of 200+ future leaders of Malaysia gathered together and did something to show the world or at least the whole Malaysia that we can still be united achieving a same objective.

The plan was to fully or more specifically partially decorate the interior of a train with the props provided to celebrate this very significant date for us Malaysians. The independence day that is.

Though the exact meeting time is at 2pm, the usual 30 minutes late magic that happens all the time was clearly not working on the day itself. Instead, people started gathering since 1.30pm.

Soon enough, there were short briefing sessions where everyone gets a set of instructions. 7 teams in total where ZaidHD & NikiCheong leading the crews with 14 leaders leading every other people in the teams.

For me myself i was leading team 2 with Diyana, someone i knew back in the trip to Manchester early this year. All of the teams were given instructions to do some serious business in 7 monorail trains. Each trains with 2 compartments. One team One Train.

In no time, we transformed the interior of the train from this...

to this!!!

It was at Titiwangsa Monorail station that the train was fully decorated into what you won't normally see daily. Though there were lots of Malaysians who got lost having no idea on what are they getting in the whole journey, many of them did smile, cheered and even sang with us!

We shouted Merdeka from time to time and sang Happy Birthday Song a couple of times. It was crazy but it is all these little things that unite us all together.

There were lots of people saying that there's no more hope for Malaysia, pointing at the various negative headlines reported every single day by the mainstream media but from what i see, there's still people having lots of faith in the future of Malaysia keeping the words Malaysia Boleh by their mouths.

Through out the different stops where passengers getting in and out the train, i observed that there were the elder ones who smiled happily looking at the decorations, some even playing with the balloons and such singing along with us shouting Merdeka. Young ones were clapping delightfully.

Quite an encouraging scene i must say being able to participate in this project. At least i am still on a more brighter side thinking more positively at the end of the day.

After everything, everyone gathered at Tun Sambanthan station to get a big group picture.

Team 2

Part of The Crew

Seriously, it doesn't matters if you're Blue or White, Optimus Prime or Startroopers

the most important thing is you and me, we've got a role to play and by walking down the road together, i believe there's still a bright future for us.

Good job to Random Alphabets.

Happy 52nd Birthday, Malaysia!

My Facebook Album on Merdeka Train Party.


goingkookies said...

what you say is true.

after all the negativity (am also guilty of it) aimed at Malaysia etc, it is good to focus on the positive.

or to hype up the Malaysian spirit.

looked like fun.

Anfaal Dhiyana said...


Joshua.Now Spicy Kitchen treat me teh ais! :P

§pinzer said...


Niki Cheong said...

Good seeing you man! :D

It was a blast!

joshuaongys said...

> goingkookies : yea man Malaysia Boleh!!!!

> Anfaal Dhiyana : lol can can wait one day ok? xD

> §pinzer : U're the MAN!!!!

> Niki Cheong : YEA!! and goes same to you too. =)

Fumoffu said...

Creative and fun event, I shall say :D

Malaysia Boleh!

Find Futsal Malaysia Super Admin said...

Looks fun. Can't believe I didn't hear about it before at all. lol. Nice photos too.

Tiffanie Tan said...

something interesting in Malaysia haha! and i see many ppl in the pic with mask on!

joshuaongys said...

> Find Futsal Malaysia Super Admin : yes it was fun, do frequent random alphabets and add them on facebook then u'll know about all these =D Thanks!

> Tiffanie Tan : hahahaha interesting for u ahh?

Anfaal Dhiyana said...

Haha.one day one day.i wait for u at spicy everyday.hahahaha. :P

abuzone said...

best nyer...

l a b e l s


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