Monday, February 19, 2007

last year this day

i still remember clearly how was i during the same period last year...

last year Chinese New Year i mean..

i was hiding my feelings most of the time... was forcing myself to smile all i can when i'm outside..

i still remember watchin this taiwan entertainment programme " i guess " and i can cry watchin jacku wu / rainie yang / ah ya hosting the show... everybody in the show was laughing loudly while my tears were flowing down...

and while i was being in the sucky condition, someone was totally enjoying herself in sban with h-ness and her kaikor going around taking angpows...

that whole period sucks to the max... and i remember people who is in the same situation with me during that period.. lilian and 10.. lolz...

well, what pass have pass and i'm over it and i'm happy this CNY... hahaha... its nice cleaning my own house... my own computer area.. my room...

like what i force sal to promise me, i shall do it also.. smile always... of cause smile from your heart!! not faking a smile ^^

so how is CNY for you guys??? did you go for holidays like my friend Mao going to China?? or you're just like me downloading CNY programmes and enjoying being at home??

or you just enjoy the whole CNY thingy??

hope you all enjoy this year Chinese New Year!!!


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