Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the way to Manchester

Before i start this very first post of the whole trip to Manchester, i would like to thank a few people. First, my parents of course because they've been providing me the money to use during this trip (i'm still a student lah =X) and my girl for giving me something very useful throughout the whole trip. Of course, i thank my supervisor as well approving my documentation of my Final Year Project which i've finished last minute on that very morning of the day i flew off from Kuala Lumpur. Thank You. Alright now.

If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that i've won the Mister Potato contest held by Mamee winning a 3 days 2 night trip to Manchester to watch a soccer match.

It all started by being in the 40 bloggers project. Blogging 2 advertorial posts for MisterPotato promoting about the contest to Manchester United. Through that, i knew about the competition and started collecting seals and submitted all of them in the last month before the dateline.

and so, on the night of Thursday 12th March 2009, my parents sent me to KLIA at around 10pm.

Upon reaching, i contacted the person in charge, Diyana only to know that i reached before she reach. Lolx. Anyways, i look around and saw some people who are most likely one of the winners as well as some of them are already wearing ManUtd jerseys.

Suddenly, both me and my mom spotted Liang and we were shocked to see him there and well it turn out that Liang collected the mister potato seals as well and won the contest. Really Random. What can i say, it's nice meeting someone you know in such a trip. Haha.

Soon, the people from Mamee arrived and collected our passports where we lined up getting our luggages checked in as well as collecting our flight tickets.

One from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai and another one from Dubai to Manchester.

A short briefing was conducted and the top 5 winners were announced at the spot winning a signed jersey each.

These 5 people are crazy. Let me tell you something interesting. The first 3 winners, num1, 2 and 3, 1 is the son, 2 is the uncle and 3 is the father. Lolx and the actual winner is only the first person. He spent around 5k i think buying lots of chips and with the amount of seals he had, he actually DISTRIBUTED IT AND SUBMITTED THE SEALS USING 3 DIFFERENT NAMES. Which includes his own name, his father's name and his uncle's name.


But wait!! The 4th winner had a strategy himself as well. He bought lots of chips and just collected the packets, and sold off the chips on discounted rate to kids. Yea discounted rate like buy one pack free one pack, just that the kids won't get the packets.

Well, IF LA I WERE THAT CLEVER, maybe some of you my friend or even my family/girl could go to Manchester with me. HAHA. IF.

Oh and if you want to know how much i spent buying the packets of Mister Potato, i actually forgot but i'm pretty sure its below RM200. HAHA. Later on i found out that a few people was like me as well spending around that amount of money only. We didn't really expect to win the trip and only thought of trying our luck winning probably some consolation prize only.


There are 25 winners in total and the 20 other people gets a Manchester United Collector Card Album. Better than nothing right? I'm glad enough to have won the trip. =)

Anyways, we proceeded and checked in heading to the gate to wait for the boarding time. Boarded the place around 1.30pm if i'm not mistaken. It was a 7 hours flight to Dubai.

Unlike most of the people, I didn't really sleep throughout the flight and instead..

I watched 2 movies with lots of drinks ordered.

Apart from that, we were served with 2 meals and gosh it's pretty good for me. At least it's better than flying with AirAsia. Lolx. Emirates rawks!

After that 7 hours flight, we reached safely in Dubai around 6am++ Dubai time.

Most of us just passed by and look around in the Duty Free zone without buying anything.

and i started cam-whoring with a few of them haha.

They are selling Canon 50D for Dhs 7,895

and Dhs 4,999 for Nikon D90.

and the exchange rate for RM and Dhs is around 1 to 1.


We have 2 hours of waiting time at Dubai International Airport and i was pretty bored so i...

The waiting was quite fast as i was pretty excited in arriving in Manchester and soon we were going pass the gate heading to the plane to Manchester. Again, it was a 7 hours flight.

and meals were served as well.

Nizam, Lina and i.

Do you know which one i choose for my meal? Hee.

I slept pretty much during this flight as i didn't sleep in the previous one and when i'm awake i was delighted to see that i'm one step closer to my dream already. Stepping my foot on Manchester.


R said...

wow! i wanna go also

RealGunners said...

bring it on bring it on!! let me see if u have a different experience compared to mine last time..

but.. u actually enjoyed their meals? i mean.. 80% of them are cold... =.="

joshuaongys said...

> Robb : lolx end liao..

> RealGunners : hahhahahaa i think should be different gua cuz my trip quite short and a bit rush...

it's fine for me bah the meals haha

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

I thought you are not supposed to turn on any electronic equipment during landing? sigh.... apa ini?

Andrew said...

gosh.... it seems that you really had a very enjoyable and comfortable trip except for the fact that man utd lost in old trafford.. other than that... perfect!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice :) I liked Emirates last time I flew to Europe. I especially liked the way you could choose whichever film you wanted, pause, etc.

joshuaongys said...

> wEtwEtwAtEr : er er that time already announce cann switch on i think hahha

> Andrew : yea except for that one only =(

> julian : YES!! CORRECT but it annoys me very much when there's an announcement, the whole thing will stop there.. hha

Anonymous said...

Joshua you owe me pictures..!!!

joshuaongys said...

> abuzone : yea argh!! lolx

nasRIE7 said... ru??
u kenal me x??
bila u nak mail the rest of winners e.mail??i'm waiting!!
reply asap...

joshuaongys said...

> nasRIE7 : i'm fine hahahaha i jz sent out the mails hehehe

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